Who we are

GovSat is a brand operated by LuxGovSat S.A., a public-private joint venture between the Luxembourg government and SES, the world-leading satellite operator. The company launched its first satellite, called GovSat-1, on January 31, 2018. It entered into operational service on March 19, 2018. It uses Government use frequency bands, called X-band and military Ka-band. This enables an array of applications such as connectivity for theatres of operation, interconnection of institutional or defence sites, border control, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), as well as various types of communications on the move for land and maritime missions. GovSat-1 is positioned at the 21.5 East Orbital position with coverage areas spreading over Europe, Middle East and Africa with maritime coverage for the Atlantic, Baltic, Mediterranean and Indian Oceans.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide secure, reliable and accessible satellite communication services for governments – addressing the demand for connectivity resulting from defence and civilian security applications. Dedicated entirely to governmental and institutional users, GovSat-1 features high-powered fully-steerable spot beams, an X-band Global beam and a total of sixty-eight transponder equivalent units. It is equipped with anti-jamming features, encrypted telemetry and control, and uses assured frequencies.


The government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


Sasha Baillie

Government First Advisor, Ambassador

Patrick Heck

Director of Defence, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

Marie-Anne Ketter

Government First Advisor, Ministry of Justice

Jacques Thill

Government First Advisor, Ministry of State



Ferdinand Kayser

CEO, SES Video

Philippe Glaesener

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development EMEA & Asia

Nicole Robinson

Senior Vice President, Global Government & Managing Director, SES Techcom Services

Pierre Nilles

Senior Vice President, Affiliates Support & Enterprise Effectiveness
Jürgen Espanion

Patrick Biewer


Patrick Biewer is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GovSat. He reports directly to the GovSat Board of Directors, and is in charge of all GovSat business activities, building customer relationships with international institutions such as the European Union (EU), the United Nations (UN) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). Patrick has held a number of executive positions since he joined SES in 1993, including Managing Director of SES Broadband Services (SBBS). He is a Luxembourg national, and was educated in France and the UK. He holds a Master’s Degree in Telecommunications from Université de Nancy and an MBA from the Open University.
Jürgen Espanion

Jürgen Espanion


Jürgen Espanion is the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of GovSat. Taking on this role in February 2016, he is responsible for the secure operation of all GovSat services, as well as the development of governmental and institutional products and services. Before starting with GovSat, he worked in various positions at SES. Jürgen has more than 27 years of experience in the satellite communications industry, during which he has held various positions in the engineering, operations, business development and sales departments for a variety of international corporations.
Jürgen Espanion

Paul Wells


Paul Wells is the Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of GovSat. Taking on the role in September 2016 he is responsible for working closely with our customers to develop offerings that match their needs using GovSat-1. Before joining GovSat he worked for QinetiQ where he created, developed and grew several highly successful businesses in the Communications, Security and ISR domains for Defence, Security and Commercial customers. Paul also spent time working in Government on creating and delivering highly challenging technical programmes into operational use. He has over 34 years of experience in secure satcoms for Defence and Security applications.

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